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Primex Color opens applications center

To further help customers find solutions with creative product design and trendy color choices for their products, Primex Color, Compounding & Additives (PCC&A) has opened an application development center at its Jasper, TN, facility. The high-end color and product design center includes conferencing facilities and is in close proximity to the company’s sampling and testing operations.
“This new resource allows us to work closely with customers during the product development phase in order to recommend the right colors and other characteristics for their end products and quickly produce color chips and molded samples from the exact materials and additives contained in the finished product,” said PCC&A Technical Director Anthony Montalvo. “Our researchers, scientists and technicians, with over 100 combined years of color and compounding experience, are close at hand during the brainstorming sessions, so we can quickly identify and solve any potential issues.”
Clients can immerse themselves in branding and product development assisted by PCC&A’s experts and state-of-the-art equipment, including a full line of testing and analytical systems and lighting that simulates various daylight and interior conditions. The facility is certified to ISO 9001-2015.


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